Mario Kart - Bowser and Peach Kart Free Paper Models Download


Mario Kart - Bowser And Peach Kart Free Paper Models DownloadHere are two kart paper models (Recolored) from the mario racing game series “Mario Kart”, they are Bowser’s Kart and Peach’s Kart. The papercrafts are designed by CCPapercrafts.

Bowser is a heavy Weight Class Character, he drives large vehicles. He has an 'alternate form', Dry Bowser. Bowser has appeared as a villain, main antagonist in many games, such as: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, kidnapping Peach and hoping to be the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. But Mario always saves the day! He comes back as a playable Mario Kart Wii character.

He has 8 children, the youngest, Bowser J.R. being an unlockable character in Mario Kart Wii. His children names are: Ludwig, Wendy, Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, Morton, Roy and Bowser JR., the youngest.

Peach is a medium Weight Class Character, she drives medium vehicles. She is known to have romantic associations with her rescuer, Mario, and she is best friends with Daisy, who has romantic associations with Luigi.

Peach has appeared in many games if the Mario series.she lives on Moonview Highway and Peach Beach she is on Mediumwights with Mario Luigi Yoshi Daisy Birdo Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr.

Princess Peach is a member of the royal family in Mushroom Kingdom. It is not clear if she has any living relitaves. Although she is said to have a father in one of the Mario comics.

You can download these two paper models here: Mario Kart - Bowser and Peach Kart Free Paper Models Download