Mario Bros. - Freezie Free Papercraft Download

Mario Bros. - Freezie Free Papercraft Download


Mario Bros. - Freezie Free Papercraft DownloadThis  papercraft is a Freezie (Slipice), an enemy made entirely of ice that first appeared in the arcade game Mario Bros., the paper model was created by aardonix. Freezies vary greatly in size and shape, but are instantly recognizable thanks to their permanently puzzled expression. Occasionally, Freezies are used as items to freeze enemies. Despite being one of Mario's first enemies, they have only recently started appearing in games again.

In the original Mario Bros., Freezies emerge from pipes and travel along the stages' platforms. They first appear in Stage Nine. When a Freezie reaches the center of a platform, it will coat the entire platform with ice, destroying itself in the process. A frozen platform is very slippery. Thus, it is in Mario and Luigi's best interest to eliminate these enemies quickly, before they can freeze a platform. It can freeze the central floating platform and the two lower platforms above the bottom pipes. If all three platforms are frozen, no more Freezies will appear for that phase. Hitting a Freezie from below destroys it and awards the player five hundred points. Freezies don't count as regular enemies, meaning Mario and Luigi don't have to clear them from the stage to complete the level. If Mario or Luigi touch a Freezie, they will lose a life, but the Freezie will only reverse direction if encountering another enemy.

Freezie is the only recurring enemy from Mario Bros. that has kept its Nintendo Entertainment System name rather than its original Arcade name. [Source: Mariowiki]

You can download this mario paper craft model here: Mario Bros. - Freezie Free Papercraft Download