Maid Sama! - Usui Takumi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Maid Sama! - Usui Takumi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Kaichou wa maid-sama - Usui Takumi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Usui Takumi, the male lead of Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Misaki Ayuzawa's boyfriend, based on the manga / Anime / Game series “”, this paper craft was created by alonso jacobo. Usui Takumi is also the first person to find out Misaki's secret, but he kept quiet about it so that he is the only one who knew. When Misaki confronted him about this, he claims that it is his own private amusement, but the truth is that he was merely being respectful of the fact that she wanted to keep it hidden.

He falls in love with Misaki, as becomes evident when he kisses her and confesses in episode 6, but is constantly being pushed away. He follows her around a lot, and never leaves or gives up on her even when she hits him or tells him, "I hate you". He is often referred to by Misaki as the "perverted outer-space alien". Still, he's often flirting with her, causing her an evident blush and an angry reaction.

Usui has blond, spikey hair and bright green eyes. He is one of the few blondes in the series, which most likely is because of his British heritage. As seen in the series, he is very athletic, and is slender yet muscular. His height is 186 cm. He is very handsome, and most girls who see him fall for his looks instantly. He is also very attractive to a lot of girls on the streets.

Usui, a silent but dangerous person, so mysterious yet only opened himself to Misaki. He is also a very popular boy in school because of his looks and talent. He is a very smart student, as well as being good at sports, and although very popular, he doesn't let it go to his head. On the contrary he seems to think the whole popularity-thing is rather troublesome. Most of the time, he has a nonchalant and indifferent attitude, but is always on the look-out for anything that may threaten or hurt Misaki, and he often saves her when she gets in trouble.

Usui is one of the best students in Seika High, excelling in most subjects and sports.Usui is incredibly talented and smart in studies. He often gets 1st Rank beating Misaki to second place. As stated by him: ranks are meaningless to him and he can always get the same Rank even if he does nothing about it. He grabs and understands concepts easily and even if he has a lot to learn, he can understand quite fast. If an equation is taught to him, he can figure out the rest by himself. He cares for Misaki and always helps her when she is in trouble. He does not care about himself as long as it can help Misaki and even pushes himself off the limit.

He doesn't think twice about rejecting a girl's confession, something he seems to experience often, and Misaki is also unhappy about this as she views it as him "harassing" girls. He can also survive even after jumping from the school roof without protective gear, just to save the photo that contains the secret of Misaki being a maid. He excels in playing chess, the violin, cooking, formal table etiquettes as well as most sports, much to many people's surprise. He does not seem to do well with kids or animals. He is a quarter British and is able to speak English fluently, mostly using it to converse with his older brother or English relative, Maria Marizona. He once kissed Yukimura as a deliberate plan to stop Misaki feeling awkward and embarrassed around him after he stole her first kiss. This scene, as well as many others, prove the fact generally accepted by all the other characters that he does not really care about anything except Misaki.

Usui does not express any desire to sustain a long-term relationship with anybody, evident when Kanou asks him about it - he shaves off the question by saying dating is troublesome, which Kanou misinterprets as being that he wasn't serious about Misaki. However, later the two started dating. It is noted that he looks very similar to his brother, Gerard Walker, apart from the hair colour, to the point that most of the guests that visited him thought Gerard was Usui when he wore a blond wig. Usui's relationship with his family does not seem to be a good one. Usui claims that he is the type of guy that likes to stalk people and is always there for her whenever she is in trouble. Like most guys, he is awkward and not very good when it comes to expressing his feelings, so generally reverts to making perverted comments and references. The only times he expresses himself clearly are on several occasions when he confesses openly: "I love you, Ayuzawa" or when he expresses himself through actions such as kisses or tight hugs, which Misaki initially passes off as displays of bold sexual harrassment. When Misaki expresses curiousity about his background, Usui gives her the condition that if she kisses him, he will tell her everything. He actually wants attention and a kiss from Misaki but he did it in the perverted way because he doesn't know how to express it out in the proper way. From Maria, Misaki finally understands Usui's purpose of doing so and kisses him, causing him to be a bit surprised, but he does keep his promise and tells her everything he knows about himself in chapter 46 of the manga. In chapter 72, Usui leaves for England to resolve his issue with the Walker family.

It seems that Misaki is the first person that he developed feelings for. He often flirts and teases her. He usually stays around Misaki. He hates when people have dirty or perverted thoughts about her and gets very jealous when any other guy gets too close to her or draws her attention from him.

Maid Sama!, known in Japan as Kaichō wa Maid-sama!, is a shōjo manga series by Hiro Fujiwara. Seika High School, once an all-boys school notorious for its wild students and for generally being a terrifying place for girls, has recently become a co-ed school. With the female population still a minority and living in fear of the over-the-top antics of the males, Misaki Ayuzawa takes it into her own hands to reform the school and allow the girls to feel safe in the rough environment.

Training, studying, and even becoming the first female student council president of the school, Misaki has gained a reputation among the male students body as an uptight, boy-hating dictator and as a shining hope for the teachers and fellow female students. However, despite her tough-as-nails appearance, she secretly works part-time at a maid café in order to support her family. Unfortunately, her hard-earned reputation is threatened when the popular, attractive, and somewhat impassive Takumi Usui takes an interest in her after discovering her in a maid uniform after school.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Maid Sama! - Usui Takumi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download