Maid Sama! - Ayuzawa Misaki Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Maid Sama! - Ayuzawa Misaki Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Maid Sama! - Ayuzawa Misaki Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Ayuzawa Misaki, the main protagonist of the manga / Anime series “Maid Sama!” (known in Japan as Kaicho wa Maid-sama!), this paper toy was designed by alonso jacobo. Ayuzawa Misaki lives together with her mother and her younger sister, Suzuna. Her father abandoned them, leaving them with a huge debt, which causes Misaki to have a deep hatred for most boys except the gentlemanly type but later she falls in love with Usui Takumi and becomes his girlfriend.

Her personality is one that's willing to help others and one that's very strong-willed. She detests boys and sometimes shouts at male students unreasonably, causing many boys to hate her. She feels responsible for keeping them in place so the girls of Seika High will feel comfortable and the girls also rely and depend on her to protect them from the hectic and rebellious attitudes from the boys. She became school president in order to restrain them. Even though she acts that way, Misaki really does care for the school and boys, sticking up for them when they got n trouble with someone from Miyaboayoka.

She devotes her time to two things: her part time job and studying. Misaki worries about her family and therefore works very hard to help in any way she can, giving up a lot of time earning money and limiting her budget on clothes and treats. She puts a lot of effort into studies and gets top grades in addition to her excellent athletic ability but is beaten by Usui, who achieved first place effortlessly.

Misaki gets hotheaded easily and retaliates with aggression in several situations such as when she feels embarrased around Usui and pushes him away. Misaki is very tsundere, which means that on the outside she is initially hostile and cruel but gradually, she shows a softer, warm side of herself. When she's with Usui, she has mixed feelings gets uneasy.

Misaki has straight, mid length, black hair which is sometimes described as raven-coloured hair with a hint of purple. Her eyes are amber and she doesn't wear makeup. She has a pale complexion and her weight and height are quite normal. Misaki is often noted for her bad fashion sense, which Aoi often says is not cute at all and boring. She buys cheap clothes due to her financial issues. Her flat chest is also emphasised in both the manga and the anime.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Maid Sama! - Ayuzawa Misaki Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download