Luna Online - Wisy Free Figure Papercraft Download


Luna Online - Wisy Free Figure Papercraft DownloadThis figure papercraft is the Wisy, based on the free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game Luna Online, the paper model is created by Tomtomus.

The Luna Online game has anime-styled graphics, and it's story takes place in the fictional world of Blue Land. It has level-based progression, and skills are available according to the Job players choose on the Job Change quests, which are performed on levels 20, 40, 75, 105 and 145. There are 4 types of characters, Fighter, Rogue and Mage, Combatant, each one have its own Job Tree. Also, races affect how stats are assigned and what skills are available, at first, only two can be chosen, Human and Elf. In order to play with the Majin race, it is necessary to have another character with level 50 first.

Each level-up awards the player with 5 stat point, you will also get 10 skill point, each time you level up you will get +1 skill point from the last skill point that you got, but the amount increases along with the player level. To unlock new skills, or to level them up, SP and gold are required.

You can download this game paper craft model here: Luna Online - Wisy Free Figure Papercraft Download [mediafire]