Little Dum Dum Club Paper People Free Paper Toys Download

Little Dum Dum Club Paper People Free Paper Toys Download


Little Dum Dum Club Paper People Free Paper Toys DownloadThese  are Karl Chandler and Tommy Dassalo, papercrafts were created by sally. Super-pals Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler present a hastily edited grab bag of stories and general dickheadery with some of the best comedians in Australia and abroad.

The first episode was posted on October 26, 2010. The first guest was Melbourne comedian Nick Cody, who up until recently held the record for the most apperances on the show.

Across over one hundred episodes, the Dum Dum Club has had over eighty guests, including multiple double-ups and recurring guests. For more information, visit the list of guests on The Little Dum Dum Club.

Karl Chandler, known affectionately by not many people as "Candles" is a Maryborough-born, Melbourne based stand-up comedian. He is the co-host of The Little Dum Dum Club alongside fellow comic Tommy Dassalo.

At the beginning of every show since the opening episode, Karl has been introduced by Tommy as the co-host or "the other half of the show." Chandler responds with one of the show's catch-phrases: "G'day dickhead!"

Chandler is also a comedy promoter and event organiser within Melbourne. He runs two separate nights of comedy each week. On Monday, he runs Comedy At Spleen with Steele Saunders and Pete Sharkey; whilst also running Wednesday night comedy at Softbelly Bar.

Karl has been a part of every episode to date, only turning up late once - in epsiode 32, with Jackass star Steve-O.

Common topics for Karl's discussion include his hometown of Maryborough, the resident crazy of Maryborough, Sunshine Johnson, his girlfriend Diane and, more recently, his fitness regime.

Tommy Dassalo is a Melbourne-based stand-up comedian and writer, born Thomas Alsop. He is the co-host of The Little Dum Dum Club alongside fellow Melbourne comedian Karl Chandler. However, he was regarded as the sole host for a few episodes, with Chandler the "junior guest."

Dassalo begins every show with an introduction along these lines:

"Hey mates! Welcome once again inside the Little Dum Dum Club. My name is Tommy Dassalo. Sitting opposite me, as always: the other half of the show, Karl Chandler!"

Chandler then responds with his catchphrase: "G'day dickhead!"

Dassalo has been performing stand-up since he was sixteen years old, and has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Sydney Comedy Festival and the Brisbane Comedy Festival. He has released one live album, entitled Sonic Reacharound, which was released in 2011. His writing credits include work on Rove Live, You're Skitting Me and Talkin' Bout Your Generation; and his television credits include Sleuth 101 and The Librarians.

Common topics for Dassalo's conversations include his "tiny lesbian" voice, nightmare audition stories, his real last name, his girlfriend Alice, 24-hour bakeries and, most recently, his back-and-forth issues with weight.

You can download the paper toys here: Little Dum Dum Club Paper People Free Paper Toys Download