Limited Edition Fireball Papercraft - Gedächtnis

Limited Edition Fireball Papercraft - Gedächtnis


Fireball Papercraft Model Kit - Gedachtnis
A definite must buy for papercraft collectors, the Limited Edition Fireball Papercraft Model Kit officially released by Disney Studios Japan and TOEI Animation (only 5,000 are being released, Japan only).

Fireball Papercraft - Gedächtnis

What is Fireball? it's a series of Deutsch-flavored, CGI anime shorts about the antics of a gynoid princess named Drossel von Flügel (aka Drossel Juno Vierzehntens Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel) along with her ginormous one-eyed robot servant, Gedächtnis and a robot monkey named Schadenfreude.

This Fireball papercraft kit retails for Y5880 but expect to pay double as the day goes by because of its "limited" status and that doesn't include shipping cost and other hellish fees that come with importing. If you get lucky, you can find just the papercraft model (not the whole set) on Amazon Japan and with US shipping, pay $25 - $30 and not more than that.

The kit includes DVDs of the anime seires, a papercraft model of Gedächtnis and a plastic toy version of Schadenfreude, both characters are proportioned to the FigmaFIGMA Drossel action figure. Good luck!

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