Lil Dwagon Custom Free Paper Toy Download


Lil Dwagon Custom Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is Lil Dwagon, a small dragon who is very naughty, the papercraft was customized by Salazad for Papercraft Paradise. "Lil Dwagon likes to play hide and seek with my friends in a small forest lake. one day, when he was hiding in a cave, he found a large stone red and very shiny, he is indeed curious and approached the rock, but suddenly heard a voice saying that Lil Dwagon be cursed to be ugly, and curse it may disappear if Lil Dwagon turned into a good boy and adorable. he then went out of his village. sadly, not a single resident in the village who knew him. in a quiet way, he intends to be a good boy, later stopped in a magnificent castle, he was a diligent and polite, and immediately curse is gone."

You can download this papercraft toy here: Lil Dwagon Custom Free Paper Toy Download