Legend of Grimrock - Goromorg Free Papercraft Download

Legend of Grimrock - Goromorg Free Papercraft Download


Legend of Grimrock - Goromorg Free Papercraft DownloadThis figure papercraft is Goromorg, a character form the fantasy themed action role-playing game Legend of Grimrock (short: LoG), the paper model is created by stange1337.

Mysterious hooded figures who have put their likeness all around the spire of Grimrock. They both maintain its inner workers and police the prisoners that are dropped into their sacred domain. They worship whatever dark thing lurks in the deepest areas of the spire, and are plenty ready to offer a sacrifice to it, in the form of an adventurer's corpse... The silent, hooded, tentacle-faced guardians of Mount Grimrock, the Goromorg are both perplexing and deadly. As powerful magic-users, they favor ranged spells over all else. While not especially tough in melee, their nimbleness and spellcasting ability make them difficult to defeat. They are able to project magic shields around themselves, which nullify the first series of blows against them. Unlike the other creatues located within Grimrock, these beings can open doors, making them a much more dangerous foe.

Goromorgs can be encountered from level 10 below. Goromorgs are keepers of Grimrock dungeon. They are very tough enemies, they have protective shield around them and attack with various spells. Goromorgs are capable of opening doors behind which the player is hiding. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft template here: Legend of Grimrock - Goromorg Free Papercraft Download