Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden Papercraft (Aircraft)

Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden Papercraft (Aircraft)


Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden Papercraft (Aircraft)Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, two prototypes were completed but never reached final production level.

This Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden papercraft is created by Daumier Smith of LongTailsCafe, some of the cool features for this model includes landing gears that fold, rear propellers that actually rotate, two types of pedastal for displaying both landing and flight positions, and a realistic paint job mixed in with some damage texture.

This papercraft would be available starting October 21, 2010. Measures 15 x 17 inches.

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