Kurt Braunohler Free Paper Toy Download

Kurt Braunohler Free Paper Toy Download


Kurt Braunohler Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper people is Kurt Braunohler, the papercraft is created by sally. Kurt Braunohler is a comedian in New York City. He is the host of IFC's new comedy game show Bunk.

He is best known for his work with Kristen Schaal, as well as for his solo stand-up. The duo was nominated for the IF.comedy "Best Comedy Show Award" in 2008 for their show "Double Down Hearts" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has also performed with Schaal at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, HBO Las Vegas Comedy Festival, Montreal Comedy Festival, Bonnaroo Music Festival, and on the BBC.

Kurt co-created and starred in the popular online series "Penelope: Princess of Pets" which is now being made into a Comedy Lab for Channel 4 in London. He is currently working on a script development deal with Paramount Studios for a network sitcom and was recently brought in to help South Park brainstorm episode ideas for their 12th season. He has created a sketch comedy show for children on the Noggin Network, and has been featured on Human Giant on MTV, and Whitest Kids You Know on IFC. He can be seen on various commercials and VH1 talking head shows.

Kurt created and co-hosts "High Five! with Kurt and Kristen" on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. It debuted on June 10, 2009 on the Raw Dog Channel. He was featured episode 457 of This American Life and currently hosts a improv game show called "Bunk" for the Independent Film Channel.

You can download this paper craft toy here: Kurt Braunohler Free Paper Toy Download