Kung Fu Panda Paper Tangram

Kung Fu Panda Paper Tangram


Are you up for a challenge? if so, let's head on over to the HP site for another fun papercraft project based on the upcoming animated film from DreamWorks Animation, Kung Fu Panda. You'll surely get a kick out of this paper tangram puzzle. A tangram is a tiling puzzle consisting of seven pieces, each piece is called a "tan". Your objective is to form a specific shape using all seven pieces of the puzzle without any overlaps. You will have to shape the puzzle to the forms of the characters on the film which includes Po, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane. A silhouette guide of the characters has been provided for you to follow. Check the photo below and the link to the goods after that.

Kung Fu Panda Paper Tangram [HP Activity Center]

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