Kodomo no Jikan - Usa Mimi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Kodomo no Jikan - Usa Mimi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Kodomo no Jikan - Usa Mimi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Usa Mimi, a shy friend of both Rin Kokonoe and Kagami Kuro in class 4-1 at Futatsubashi Elementary School, who has been close friends with both of them since they were in first grade, based on the anime / manga series  (A Child’s Time),, the paper model was created by alonso jacobo. Usa Mimi has a crush on Reiji, Rin's cousin once removed and adoptive father.

Usa Mimi is shy and quite by nature, but she tends to be clumsy sometimes, and shows to be very innocent and naive towards her friends' sex-related topics. Mimi's knowledge of adult and sexual matters is, ironically, inversely proportional to her level of dominance in these areas: an astonishing degree of her childhood innocence has managed to survive her friendship with Rin and Kuro intact, and the clash of her wide-eyed naïveté with the sheer volume of sexual innuendo she is constantly bombarded with, intentionally or unintentionally, often results in confusion, shock, misinterpretation, embarrassment, or some combination of all four. While Daisuke Aoki has done his best to protect Mimi's purity of mind from Rin and Kuro's impromptu "sexual education" lessons, even her two best friends have, on occasion, stepped in to shield her from some of the world's seedier realities, such as lolicons, sexual harassment, lewd commentary, and underwear fetishes. Also, she is shown to be very insecure of herself, due to her constant bullying from the boys in relation to her breasts sizes or because of her clumsiness. This causes her to have a low self-esteem, and be to be very shy when she meets new people. Overall, she is very good friends with Rin and Kuro, and cares a lot for them.

Her biggest problem is to find her own voice through struggling and establish a sense of self-identity. Even though her shyness, lack of assertiveness, and reluctance to stand up for herself makes her a prime target for teasing and bullying, her father was always there to defend her until a work transfer necessitated his living far away from his family, resulting the loss of one of her few outlets for making herself heard. While her mother's preoccupation and preference with Mimi's older brother, with whom she does not get along, and indifference, have made things worser towards Mimi, as she has often found herself standing alone in the face of such challenges as dealing with the verbal abuse of her old homeroom teacher, Nakamura, and purchasing her first bra on her own after suffering much physical and social discomfort. Mimi's mother's preference for her son over her daughter leads to some neglectful abuse, showing no concern when Mimi tells her about being approached by a molestor and even telling Mimi it was her own fault, and often suggests her to stop going to a cram school and settle for going to a public school just like her older brother.

Rin , Kuro , and Aoki have been quick to rise to her protection and are unyielding in their emotional and moral support, since most of Mimi's defining characteristics emphasize qualities about herself with which she is either uncomfortable or that make her stand out, such as her intelligence, height, lack of aptitude when it comes to sports and related activities, and unusually generous physical endowment for a third grader, she has become incredibly self-conscious, emotionally fragile, and increasingly depressed over time. Aoki even posed as her brother so that she could take the opportunity to go to a photo shoot and get in a magazine, a rather ambiscious step for her. Her picture did get placed in a magazine but it seem as of yet that no one has noticed that the same girl in the photo is Mimi. Even Kuro was not able to recognize her friend when she saw her in the streets with Aoki that same night after her photo shoot.

She has a long wavy light salmon hair, which is usually tied up in two big braids that reach to the knees and wears round glasses. Her eyes are brown. Unlike Rin and Kuro , Mimi is the tallest, smartest and the most developed physically, and therefore, her breasts are bigger and mature, which is a constant problem for her during school times. She often has awkward times finding a bra that is of her size. She normally wears conservative clothes. [Source: wikia]

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Kodomo no Jikan - Usa Mimi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download