Kodomo no Jikan - Chibi Rin Kokonoe Free Doll Papercraft Download

Kodomo no Jikan - Chibi Rin Kokonoe Free Doll Papercraft Download

Kodomo no Jikan - Chibi Rin Kokonoe Free Doll Papercraft DownloadThis paper doll craft is a chibi Rin Kokonoe, based on the anime / manga series Kodomo no Jikan (A Child's Time), the papercraft is designed by Dark Knight. Rin Kokonoe is the most-focused upon female character in the series, opposite to Aoki. Rin is a young girl in third grade who has an intense crush on her teacher Daisuke .

She has long straight blond hair, which is usually tied up in two large pony-tails that reach down to her knees. Each tail has four pink circled ribbons, which in total would eight. Her eyes are brown. She normally dresses a little too "sexy" for her age.

Rin was Aki 's unborn daughter, whose father didn't agree on having her, fearing that he may lose Aki if she was set on delivering her despite the risk that she may die from giving birth to her child. Her father suggested aborting her but Aki refused to do so, causing their separation and end of relationship.

Later, when Rin was born, she was cared for by her mother, and later Reiji Kokonoe. However, after her mother's death due lung cancer, Rin was taken into custody by and is still being raised by Reiji.

She has a mischievous nature and has proclaimed herself to be Daisuke's girlfriend; she will go to great lengths to make him fall in love with her. This has resulted in her crossing moral and legal boundaries many times, including blackmail and taking advantage of Daisuke's inability to respond to her forcible advances by threatening to scream that he is trying to molest her, when in fact it is her that is making those advances. Despite Rin's mischievous nature she has shown herself to care deeply for her friends and family, going to any length to defend them. Also much of her bad behavior is a result of trying to hide the traces of the vulnerable little girl she used to be as a result of a tragedy in her past.

Kodomo no Jikan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by manga author Kaworu Watashiya. The story revolves around a grade school teacher named Daisuke Aoki, whose main problem is that one of his students, Rin Kokonoe, has a crush on him. The main story of Kodomo no Jikan is centered around 23-year-old Daisuke Aoki, who has just landed his first teaching job as a grade school instructor at Futatsubashi Elementary School. He is placed in charge of Class 3-1, where one of his students, a mischievously precocious nine-year-old girl by the name of Rin Kokonoe, develops a crush on him and goes so far as to proclaim herself Aoki's girlfriend. She aggressively pursues her efforts to be with her teacher despite the fact that he will lose his job if she gets too close, a situation further complicated by the often complex, intertwining relationships existing between them and their respective friends, families, and peers.

You can download the chibi paper model here: Kodomo no Jikan - Chibi Rin Kokonoe Free Doll Papercraft Download