Klonoa Papercraft (including Moo)

Klonoa Papercraft (including Moo)


It's a cold and lazy day today in Webster, and to get ourselves busy here's a paper model of Klonoa and Moo, if you are not familiar with that name/game, Klonoa is an anthropomorpic videogame character created by the Japanese game developer Namco, for the Sony Playstation video console back in 1998. For those of you who don't follow videogame history, Namco is also the creator of the very famous and successful franchise/videogame character, Pacman. As reference to this you can see a Pacman logo on the side of Klonoa's trademark blue-backwards cap.

The other character is Moo - he is one of the most common enemies you'll find in Klonoa the videogame, much like the ShyGuys and Goombas of the Mario Brothers franchise.

The paper model is easy to build, it took me about an hour to finish both of them. Klonoa is about 7 1/2" tall, and Moo is 4" tall. The files are in PDF format, hosted by Namco China and you can find them here:

Klonoa Papercraft [Namco-ch.net]