Kitaro's House Papercraft

Kitaro's House Papercraft


For anime fanatics here's a paper model based on Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro, the Japanese horror anime and manga classic, created by Shigeru Mizuki. Ge Ge Ge started out as a published manga series in the popular comic, Shonen Magazine, during the 1960's and later made it into TV and film. The main character is Kitaro, who can transform his hair into spikes and release them as weapons, he can also use his hand as a gun with his fingers as bullets, his stomach acid can melt any beings or objects, you get the flow..... The storyline is mostly folklore like which mainly includes exorcisms, possessions, theft of souls, and shamanism.

This paper model was created by Keicraft and commissioned by, the original link to this paper model is no longer working so I've posted it in on a download server for your convenience. This is in a single PDF file with one page for instructions and two for the pattern. Enjoy!

Kitaro's House - Download