Kirby - Mike Free Paper Craft Download

Kirby - Mike Free Paper Craft Download


Kirby - Mike Free Paper Craft DownloadThis papercraft is the Mike (aka Microphone), based on the Kirby video game series, the paper modelwas created by Viv. Mike is a copy ability. It's often shown with three different hats, which only appear when the ability is activated. Otherwise when simply moving around, Kirby periodically pulses with light if there are still charges of the ability left.

Kirby loves to sing, but his voice is only useful in annihilating all enemies on-screen, which apparently hate it or think it's too loud, but Kirby doesn't really care, as he is wearing earphones. It can be used three times with increasing power, unlike Crash, Paint and Cook, which can be used only once.

In Kirby's Dream Land, there was a Mike item that could be inhaled. When the mike is spit out, Kirby will screech into it, destroying all enemies on screen. This wasn't the true copy ability however, as it didn't come from a Walky or Mr. Tick Tock, and it could only be used a single time.

In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the ability is slightly altered- a visible sound wave is seen every time the move is used. It grows progressively larger with each use. The reason is that strangely only enemies caught in the sound wave will be damaged; the ability no longer damages everything on screen. However, the third use has a much wider range that surrounds Kirby. Also, Mike can now destroy blocks.

You can download this paper craft template here: Kirby - Mike Free Paper Craft Download