Kirby - Landia Free Papercraft Download


Kirby - Landia Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is designed by Link101 from nintendopapercraft. Landia, the four-headed dragon, appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It is a guardian who has kept the legendary treasures of Halcandra safe since ancient times, but - according to Magolor - it suddenly awoke and rampaged, attacking the Lor Starcutter. It appears as a boss in the seventh level, Dangerous Dinner. Landia is able to split into four separate dragons whenever needed, but attacking just one will cause damage to all four dragons. After defeating it, Magolor steals the Master Crown from the fallen dragon, and heads into an interdimensional tunnel connecting to his world and Kirby's Pop Star. Landia, in its four separate forms, will help Kirby and friends get through the level, acting in a similar fashion to the Starship ability. They can shoot normal and charged fireballs at the Lor Starcutter and Magolor. Landia is only seen separated after that. Once Magolor has been defeated, the entire space around Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede and Meta-Knight will start to collapse, but Landia and the Lor Starcutter save them and bring them all back to Pop Star before the darkness closes in on them. When Kirby enters the fight against Landia in EX Mode, a new scene will play. At first, normal Landia flies in and roars like before, but then apparently uses the Master Crown's power to enhance its own. It alters its colors and turns purple with a blue underside. When it is defeated, Landia EX reverts back to its normal red-orange color scheme. You can download this kirby papercraft from here: Kirby - Landia Free Papercraft Download