Killzone 2 Rewards You With Papercrafts

Killzone 2 Rewards You With Papercrafts


Killzone 2 Intruder PapercraftIt's official, Killzone 2 will be providing unlockable bonus content that would include papercrafts. Just read a post from the PlayStation blogs posted by Victor Zuylen (Killzone Community Editor), here's the best part:

If you’re good enough, you can even unlock and download physical objects from the Killzone universe. “That’s impossible,” I hear you cry at your monitor, “You can’t to download physical objects through the Internet – let alone objects from a fictional universe.” Ah, but then you’ve obviously never witnessed the venerable art of papercraft

That sweet paper model on the pic is the Intruder - a type of drop ship that's going to appear in the game. You can read the complete article here:

Collect Intel in Killzone 2, Get Rewards on

Also found this video on showing how the Intruder came to be, check it out if you're interested.

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