Killzone 2 Papercraft - Helghast AAPC

Killzone 2 Papercraft - Helghast AAPC


Helghast AAPC PapercraftIt looks like the Killzone 2 papercrafts that we were talking about a couple months back is now out. Here's the Helghast AAPC papercraft (Unlockable #5).

Helghast AAPC Papercraft

And for those interested, here's the list of unlockables courtesy of reader Ken Lee, who is trying to redeem himself from the GTA fiasco ^^ (just kidding) thanks a bunch Ken!

Unlockable 1:Helghast Propaganda Poster 1 (.pdf 2.2 MB)
Unlockable 2:Helghast Wildlife Field Guide (.pdf 20.6 MB)
Unlockable 3:Killzone 2 Wallpaper 3 (.jpg 248 KB)
Unlockable 4:Killzone 2 Strategy Guide Excerpt (.pdf 6.37 MB)
Unlockable 5:Helghast AAPC Paper Craft (.pdf 13.7 MB)
Unlockable 6:Helghast Food Preparation (.pdf 3.66 MB)
Unlockable 7:Helghast Mask Maintenance Instructions (.pdf 4.64 MB)
Unlockable 8:Killzone 2 Wallpaper 5 (.jpg 371 KB)
Unlockable 9:Killzone 2 Fansite Kit (.zip 144 MB)
Unlockable 10:ISA Sentry Turret Paper Craft (.pdf 13.1 MB)
Unlockable 11:Helghast Tank Blueprint (.pdf 993 KB)
Unlockable 12:Helghast Architecture (.pdf 154 MB)
Unlockable 13:Helghast Diary (.pdf 2.63 MB)
Unlockable 14:Killzone 2 Concept Art Collection (.pdf 29.2 MB)
Unlockable 15:Helghast Propaganda Poster 2 (.pdf 2.29 MB)
Unlockable 16:Killzone 2 Screen Saver (.zip 45.7 MB)
Unlockable 17:Killzone 2 2009 Calendar (.pdf 18.9 MB)
Unlockable 18:ISA Intruder Paper Craft (.pdf 28 MB)
Unlockable 19:Helghast Propaganda Poster 4 (.pdf 2.05 MB)
Unlockable 20:Killzone 2 Golden Field Agent Emblem (.jpg)

As you can see from the list, there are two other papercraft models that we definitely need to acquire (ISA Sentry Turret & ISA Intruder)

Killzone 2 - Helghast AAPC Papercraft

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