Kawaii for Truckers Paper Toys

Kawaii for Truckers Paper Toys


Kawaii for Truckers Paper Toys Exclusive paper toyspaper toys specially made by Maarten Janssens (3EyedBear) for the upcoming Urban Paper show in Tokyo, Japan (Cafe Pause, Sept. 9 - 20)

It's called "Kawaii for Truckers" and includes 3 cutesy creatures with matching cubes (similar to fuzzy dice) to hang on your rear-view mirror. You can download the templates free on the 3EyedBear site, if you have the password ^^

The password is printed on cards that will be handed out during the show, which means you'll have to be there to get it :( Once you have the code, follow the link below to the locked post to get the goods.

Kawaii for Truckers Paper Toys

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