Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Chibi Tsunayoshi Sawada Free Paper Toy Download

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Chibi Tsunayoshi Sawada Free Paper Toy Download


Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Chibi Tsunayoshi Sawada Free Paper Toy DownloadThis papercraft is a Tsunayoshi Sawada (nickname Tsuna), a fictional character in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn of the anime and manga series , the paper toy was created by StardustxReflections. There is another version at the site: Reborn – Chibi Tsunayoshi Sawada Free Papercraft, and also a Cube Craft version.

In the story, Tsuna is one of the long lines of descendants from the Vongola family, a mafia that exists in Italy. He is the one who is to be the next leader of the Vongola, the tenth Vongola boss. To set him up to that position, hitman Reborn becomes his home tutor and starts training him to be a suitable boss. With Reborn's help, Tsuna starts confronting his fears and befriends with several people, with some of them becoming his guardians in the Vongola Family. However, due to Tsuna's high position in the Mafia, various other families start working to kill Tsuna which forces Tsuna and his friends to defend against their enemies. Besides the manga and the anime, Tsuna has also been featured in all of the video games from the series, light novels, and a CD soundtrack.

Tsuna's character has been very popular within readers from the manga; he appeared several time in the top 5 from the popularity polls developed for the series and has taken first place a few times. He has also been featured in merchandise from the series such as figurines and plush. Publications for manga, anime and other media have commented on Tsuna's character, adding praise and criticism. Although Tsuna's story was initially considered very simple, writers from various websites have liked Tsuna's traits as well as his growth along the manga.

Tsuna is a junior-high student who becomes the Vongola Family's mafia boss-in-training. The reason Tsuna was recruited is because he is the son of a father and a mother; only ones with the Vongola bloodline are able to become its boss. Also, the other candidates in line for the position of the head of the Vongola Family had died. Before Reborn finds Tsuna, Tsuna is known as "Loser Tsuna" for his poor grades, bad luck, and lack of athleticism. He is normally insecure, considering himself a loser. He has a crush on a girl from his school, Kyoko Sasagawa, seeing her as the only reason to go to school.

When Reborn shoots him with the Vongola Family's Dying Will Bullet he comes back as a powerful wielding berserker whose goal is to act on what he had regretted to make it right whenever shot by this special bullet. However, if he does not regret anything when shot, he will die. Ironically, Tsuna's friends tend to remain amazed by Tsuna's actions in such mode, causing several people to be interested in his skills. He also manages to befriend Kyoko, which makes him very happy. Tsuna finds himself thrust into the mob life that is his future and begins to meet not only his friends and future family members but also the challenges that his new life holds.

Although Tsuna is the tenth generation Vongola boss, Tsuna is unwilling to take part in anything that has to do with the Mafia. He always denies the fact that he is a future Mafia boss and tries to avoid anyone involved with the Mafia. In the Vongola Test, he states that he would rather destroy the Vongola family than accept its history of violence and cruelty. Tsuna is often surprised and horrified at Reborn's and other mafiosi's actions. Later, even though he still wants nothing to do with the Mafia, he is grateful for the friends he has made since meeting Reborn. He cares for his new 'family' and would put himself in the way of danger in order to protect them. Though sometimes, Tsuna just finds himself wishing that he had never met any of them due to the weird looks they get whenever someone decides to wreak havoc everywhere. In the Inheritance Arc, due to the wanting to protect his comrades, his pride is to be able to protect his friends.

You can download the paper craft toy here: Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Chibi Tsunayoshi Sawada Free Paper Toy Download

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