Kamen Rider Hibiki Free Paper Toy Download

Kamen Rider Hibiki Free Paper Toy Download


Kamen Rider Hibiki Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is the Kamen Rider Hibiki, based on the manga / anime Kamen Rider Series. The papercraft is created by Azrael. Kamen Rider Hibiki is the eponymous and lead protagonist of the 2005 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Hibiki. His name literally means "Echo Demon". As an Oni, he is solely known as Hibiki, but his original name is Hitoshi Hidaka.

Hibiki is one of the most seasoned Oni currently in service. It is not known exactly when he began his training, but it is said that Hibiki became an Oni training alone and has surpassed all former Oni by being the first to wield the Armed Saber. Hibiki has a strong sense of ethics and believes constantly training oneself to keep up their strength. Throughout the series he is seen training by himself and with other Oni. He is seen as somewhat of a teacher by other Oni, even though Hibiki sees himself as just another fighter in the war against the Makamou. Due to his training, he is seldom seen worrying, he believes that with constant training, he will always come out on top and does not need to worry about his safety. His trademark is his special salute which he does every time to either greet other or bid them farewell.

In this form, Hibiki is a purple oni with red accent. This is his basic form and the easiest form for him to reach. To become this form, Hibiki simply needs to tap his tuning fork against a solid surface then put it in front of his head. The vibrations from the fork causing his body to be engulfed in a fiery purple aura. Hibiki also gains a second "oni face" which is a crest that forms on his forehead. Unlike most Kamen Riders, Hibiki does not wear a suit, rather his demon form is his true form.

Hibiki's second form, also known as Hibiki Kurenai, was reached during the summer of training with his body changing into a crimson color. At first he was unable to reach this form completely, only able to transform his arms when under attack. This greatly drained him and caused him to begin tougher training. After an attack by a group of stronger than normal Summer Makamou, Hibiki finally reached this form in mid-battle. He stands as red fumes rise up from the ground and cause his body to change. In this form, Hibiki's powers are all nearly doubled from his basic form. He can easily defeat many different types of Makamou with a single attack in this form.

The third and final form of Hibiki, Armed Hibiki, announced by the call "Hibiki Armored!", is created when Hibiki uses the Armed Saber's power with the Disc Animals merging with his armor, making it samurai-like with his oni face covered with a samurai like shield and his horns expand a bit. He automatically changes to Hibiki Kurenai prior to the transformation. In this state, Hibiki is able to destroy most lower level Makamou easily.

Hibiki has a variety of attacking styles, ranging from small one handed beats to more complicated Armed Saber techniques. Each attack can only be wielded in certain forms, making each upgrade somewhat of a disadvantage as with the gain the power results in a loss of available attacks.

Kamen Rider Hibiki is a Japanese tokusatsu superhero television series. It is the fifteenth installment in the popular Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu programs. It is a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei.

You can download this paper craft toy here: Kamen Rider Hibiki Free Paper Toy Download