Kamen no Maid Guy - Chibi Tsurara Free Papercraft Download


Kamen no Maid Guy - Chibi Tsurara Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper doll is a chibi Tsurara, based on the comedy manga series Kamen no Maid Guy and Sony PSP game "Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale", the papercraft is by ACGateway.

Shizuku & Tsurara: Twin ninja maids who serve Liz, much like the Maid Guy & Fubuki. They are also underlings of Hyochuka the Masked Woman. Although both are twenty-one years of age, Shizuku is the more youthful of the two.

She has a tendency to speak out of turn to others, getting her into trouble often. Tsurara is the mature twin, upholding very strict codes of secrecy, infiltration and discipline. However, her dour attitude and voice makes her seem much older, ruining her disguises. Shizuku is usually equipped with a pair of large kunai, while her sister Tsurara wields a kusarigama.

Kamen no Maid Guy is a comedy manga series written and illustrated by Maruboro Akai. The manga started serialization in the Japanese sh┼Źnen manga magazine Monthly Dragon Age in 2004. An anime adaptation directed by Masayuki Sakoi, and animated by Madhouse, aired between April and June 2008.

Naeka Fujiwara is the granddaughter of a billionaire and the heir to his fortune. She is pursued by those who desire her inheritance. In order to protect her from harm and ensure her proper upbringing, the amazing and fearsome Kogarashi, the masked Maid Guy, is summoned.

You can download this chibi doll paper model template here: Kamen no Maid Guy - Chibi Tsurara Free Papercraft Download