Jim Norton Free Paper Toy Download

Jim Norton Free Paper Toy Download


Jim Norton Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper people is Jim Norton, designed by sally. James Joseph "Jim" Norton, Jr. is an American comedian, radio personality, author, and actor. He is an on-air personality, often dubbed the 'third mic' on The Opie & Anthony Show, which airs on Sirius XM Radio. Norton has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and on the Late Show with David Letterman, filmed an HBO stand-up special for the series One Night Stand as well as his special "Monster Rain", co-starred in the short-lived HBO sitcom Lucky Louie and had cameos in the films Spider-Man, Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Courting Condi.

Norton hosted a four-episode stand-up showcase for HBO titled Down and Dirty with Jim Norton and appeared on The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget and Gabriel Iglesias. He was also in Jerry Seinfeld's 2002 documentary Comedian. Norton is also a regular correspondent on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Norton became a regular guest on The Opie & Anthony Show on WNEW in late 2000 after several guest appearances by himself and along with Andrew Dice Clay. In 2000, Norton was arrested with Lewis Black and show producer Rick Delgado in connection with a stunt named "Voyeur Bus" involving a transparent bus full of topless women driving through Manhattan streets. This bus rode around Manhattan while being broadcast on the "Opie and Anthony" radio show. Radio station management did not inform the O&A show that the bus' route was also the route that President Clinton was taking that same day.

On October 9, 2008, it was reported that Norton was being sued by Roy Hollander over his treatment during a phone interview on the Opie & Anthony Show.On August 28, 2009, the New York Post reported that Hollander would drop his suit if Norton would also drop his motion to have Hollander sanctioned for filing a baseless claim, as well as being forced to pay Norton's legal fees.

On December 2, 2009, when The Opie & Anthony Show hosted former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, an argument between Norton and Ventura erupted while the discussion was on the September 11 attacks and the "counter-terrorism" measures against illegal immigration. Ventura was arguing against what he claimed was the Border Patrol practice of stopping individuals and asking for ID deep within US borders, because such moves were unconstitutional. At some point, when Norton disagreed with him on this, Ventura suggested that Norton did not believe in the Constitution, to which Norton strongly objected. Soon after, as the argument became more heated, Ventura walked off the air and the two exchanged explicit comments towards each other.

On May 27, 2010, The Jim Norton Show premiered on Raw Dog Comedy. Norton hosts the program, which features other comedians as well as clips of live stand-up.

Norton frequently tours the country, performing at the most well-known comedy clubs. In 2004, Norton was voted best comedian and breakthrough performer of the year on the Cringe Humor website, which is dedicated to some prominent New York comedians. Norton frequently performs at Caroline's and the Comedy Cellar, and sometimes performed at the weekly alternative standup "Eating It" show at the Luna Lounge before it closed in 2005. He is friends with several other comedians, including Rich Vos, Reverend Bob Levy, Jim Florentine, Otto Petersen, Bill Burr, Kevin Hart, Colin Quinn, Louis C.K., Robert Kelly, Patrice Oneal, Wendel Zimet, Gerald Sherbert, Keith Robinson and Artie Lange. Norton was the Best Man at Rich Vos's 2005 wedding to Bonnie McFarlane. Dom Irrera has described Norton as one of today's best comedians. Norton was the headline comedian for some dates of Traveling Virus comedy tour. He returned to the 2007 tour as well.

Norton's performance at [Bonnaroo Music Festival|Bonnaroo]] in 2008 is ranked as one of the top comedic performances in the show's history.

For two years, Norton was a regular on Comedy Central's Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and he was selected to be among the final twenty contestants for the second season of Last Comic Standing, but had to back out due to contractual obligations.

Norton's first half-hour HBO stand-up special aired on October 21, 2005, as part of the HBO Stand-up Series One Night Stand. In the spring of 2007, Norton filmed his second HBO stand-up special which aired live on October 13, 2007. In 2006, Norton landed the role of Rich on the HBO series Lucky Louie. Rich is a foul-mouthed, perverted, "ill-informed", straight shooting character who lives with his mother and deals pot to high schoolers for a living, departing from the traditionally tamer sitcom model of a supporting character.

In June 2008, Norton appeared in several episodes of The Gong Show with Dave Attell as one of the celebrity judges. Since mid-2007, Norton has been a regular guest on Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld on the Fox News Channel. On June 21, 2010, Norton guest-hosted Red Eye. Norton has also appeared regularly as a correspondent for The Jay Leno Show as Jim Norton: The Uninvited Guest. Starting in 2010, Norton began appearing in Louis CK's FX sitcom, Louie.

In February 2007, it was learned on The Opie & Anthony Show that Norton was close to finishing a book believed to be an autobiographical collection of stories and anecdotes from his childhood and his comedy career. The final title of the book was Happy Endings: The Tales of a Meaty-Breasted Zilch due to publishing conflicts. The book was released on July 10, 2007. It reached No. 4 on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover nonfiction. The book entered the Amazon.com Top 10 for books on the day it was released, peaking at #7.

Norton's second book I Hate Your Guts came out on November 4, 2008. It reached No. 13 on the New York Times Bestseller list for hardcover nonfiction.

Norton has had various cameo appearances, such as in the 2002 film Spider-Man and the 2008 film Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Norton described the role in Spiderman as being a quarter-step above being an extra. He has also appeared in the films Furry Vengeance and Cop Out.

Norton had a pivotal role in the film Courting Condi, counseling Devin Ratray on how to win the heart of Condoleezza Rice, and especially advising him "not to get your bag stuck between the gap in her teeth".

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