Jet Set Radio Future - Gum Free Papercraft Download

Jet Set Radio Future - Gum Free Papercraft Download


Jet Set Radio Future - Gum Free Papercraft DownloadThis girl papercraft is the Gum, based on the video game Jet Set Radio Future of the Jet Set Radio series, the paper model is created by Jp-papercraft. Gum was the first female member of the GG's, in both Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. In the Jet Set Radio Future DJ Professor K describes her as "a real cool lady who leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes".

At the begnnning of the game, after you speak to Corn, she teaches Yoyo the basics of the game, such as grinding, jumping, and collecting and using spray cans. Gum, along with Corn and Roboy, can be found on the upper level of the central area of the Garage when not playing as her in the game.

In the original, Gum wore a long-sleeve white dress, with alternating two-tone green sleeves, white gloves, and blue shorts. Gum also wears a dark blue helmet that has a yellow stripe down the front, with two small blue lines ether side- said helmet also appears to have built in headphones on the side.

In Jet Set Radio Future, She wears a light green, low-cut dress which has dark green rims, along with blue-ish grey and orange armbands. Her dress also has some katakana in the center of it. She is also wearing the same helmet she wore in the original.

Jet Set Radio Future is a video game developed by Smilebit and the sequel to Jet Set Radio. It was published by Sega. After the game's initial release, it was added alongside Sega GT 2002 onto a single disc and bundled with new Xbox systems.

In futuristic Tokyo, a group of teenage skaters called the GG's vie for control of the many districts of Tokyo against many rival groups. A mega corporate enterprise has taken over the many districts of the city and their leader is now the mayor of Tokyo. It is oppressing the people, taking away freedom of speech and expression, and is forcing other gang members to give up their territory using the corrupt police force of Tokyo.

The game begins with the player in control of a character called Yoyo, who has to complete a set of basic training exercise to prove himself worthy of joining the GGs. After these challenges are completed, the game is interrupted by a pirate radio broadcast by 'DJ Professor K' who fills the player in on the turmoil within Tokyo. After this cutscene, the player is released into Tokyo itself, where they pursue their mission to 'bury Tokyo in graffiti' and fight the authoritarian Rokkaku Police.

You can download the papercraft template here: Jet Set Radio Future - Gum Free Papercraft Download