Japanese Battleship Satsuma Free Paper Model Download

Japanese Battleship Satsuma Free Paper Model Download


Japanese battleship Satsuma Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a Japanese battleship Satsuma, a semi-dreadnought type battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, designed and built in Japan by the Yokosuka Naval Arsenal, the papercraft was designed by etsutan. The scale of the papercraft model is in 1:800. The name Satsuma comes from Satsuma Province, now a part of Kagoshima prefecture. Some naval historians regard the battleship Aki as her sister ship, although Aki differed considerably with her turbine-powered engine and sleek silhouette.

Funding for Satsuma was approved as part of the 1904 Emergency Budget for the Russo-Japanese War, and she was the first battleship to be designed and built domestically in Japan. The basis of the design was essentially a modified version of the Royal Navy's Lord Nelson class battleship and many parts were sourced from the United Kingdom.

Japanese battleship Satsuma Paper Model 2After commissioning at Yokosuka on March 25, 1906, Satsuma was assigned to the IJN 1st Fleet. The Satsuma was launched on November 15, 1906 and later participated in World War I, patrolling the sea lanes south of Japan, in the South China Sea and the Yellow Sea, and assisting in the occupation of the former German Caroline Islands, and in the Battle of Tsingtao.

After the war, Satsuma was used as a support vessel, to cover the landings of Japanese troops in Russia during Japan's Siberian Intervention. Satsuma was scrapped to comply with the provisions of the 1922 Washington Treaty, and was used as a target, being sunk by gunfire 30 nautical miles (56 km) northeast of Miyakejima from the Kongō and Hyūga on September 7, 1924. [Source: wiki]

You can download this ship paper model template here: Japanese Battleship Satsuma Free Paper Model Download