Japanese BattleCruiser Kurama Free Paper Model Download

Japanese BattleCruiser Kurama Free Paper Model Download


BattleCruiser Kurama Paper Model 1This paper model is a Japanese battlecruiser Kurama, the final vessel of the two-ship Ibuki-class of armoured cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), the papercraft was designed by etsutan. The scale of the papercraft model is in 1:800. Kurama was named after Mount Kurama located north of Kyoto, Japan. On 28 August 1912, Kurama and its sister ship Ibuki were re-classified as battlecruisers by the Japanese navy.

The Ibuki-class cruisers were planned during the Russo-Japanese War and authorized under the 1904 Supplemental Naval Budget, at the same time as the Japanese cruiser Tsukuba, but with heavier guns. Ibuki was designed with geared turbine engines which promised more power and hence, more speed; however, problems with these engines led the Kurama to be completed with conventional vertical VTE reciprocating engines. Kurama was built at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal.

Shortly after commissioning, the Kurama, Admiral Shimamura Hayao on board, was sent on a voyage to Great Britain for the coronation ceremony of King George V, visiting Singapore, Aden, Malta, Portsmouth and Spithead on the way. On the way back, it called on France, Italy and Austria.

BattleCruiser Kurama Paper Model 2Kurama played an important role in World War I as part of Japan's contribution to the Allied war effort under the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, in protecting British merchant shipping in the South Pacific, and supporting the landings to occupy German-held Caroline Islands and Mariana Islands.

In the 1920s, Kurama was assigned to the northern fleet, covering the landings of Japanese troops in Russia during the Siberian Intervention in support of White Russian forces against the Bolshevik Red Army. After the war, the Kurama fell victim to the Washington Naval Treaty and was scrapped after a short service life of only 15 years. [Source: wiki]

You can download this ship paper model template here: Japanese BattleCruiser Kurama Free Paper Model Download