Itadaki Street - Chibi Sephiroth Free Papercraft Download

Itadaki Street - Chibi Sephiroth Free Papercraft Download


Itadaki Street - Chibi Sephiroth Free Papercraft DownloadThis final fantasy papercraft is a chibi Sephiroth, designed by Ace. There are other two versions of the Sephiroth paper crafts at the site: "Final fantasy – Sephiroth Chibi Free Papercraft" and "Final Fantasy – Chibi Sephiroth". Sephiroth is a fictional character in the role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII developed by Square, where he is the main antagonist. Character designer Tetsuya Nomura wanted his role in the story to be different from other Final Fantasy villains, while his design was intended to contrast directly with that of the game's main character, Cloud Strife. His Japanese voice actor is Toshiyuki Morikawa; in English, he was first voiced by Lance Bass in Kingdom Hearts and by George Newbern in all his subsequent appearances.

In Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth is the result of an experiment by the megacorporation Shinra, in which they injected him with cells from the extraterrestrial lifeform Jenova when he was still a fetus. Upon discovering this, Sephiroth decides to follow what he believes to be his destiny, and become a god, taking control of the Planet, whilst Cloud and the game's other protagonists attempt to stop him. Sephiroth's role in the story, as well as his background, are expanded in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Additionally, he appears as a boss character in the Kingdom Hearts series, and other video games developed by Square.

Sephiroth has been well-received within the video game community, and is regularly featured in top positions on many villain lists, as well as lists of Final Fantasy characters. While his role in the story has been praised, many websites have commented on how difficult it is to defeat Sephiroth in the games in which he appears. Various types of merchandise based on his appearance have been developed, such as figurines.

You can download the paper model here: Itadaki Street - Chibi Sephiroth Free Papercraft Download