It Conquered the World - Venusian Alien Free Papercraft Download


It Conquered the World - Venusian Alien Free Papercraft DownloadThis Venusian Alien papercraft is based on the film "It Conquered the World". This paper model is designed by uhu02. It Conquered the World is a 1956 American science fiction film about an alien from Venus trying to take over the world with the help of a disillusioned human scientist.

Dr. Tom Anderson, an embittered scientist, has made contact with a Venusian alien with his radio transmitter. The alien wants to take over the world using mind control devices, but claims it only wants to bring bring peace to the world by eliminating emotions. Anderson agrees to help the creature and even allows it to assimilate his wife and friend Dr. Nelson. The alien then disrupts all electric power on Earth, including motor vehicles, leaving Dr. Nelson to resort to riding around on a bicycle.

After killing a flying bat-like creature which carries the mind control device, Nelson returns home to find his wife has been assimilated. She attempts to force assimilation on him with another bat, and he ends up killing her. By then the only people who are free of control are Nelson, Anderson, Anderson's wife and a group of soldiers camping in the woods. Dr. Nelson finally persuades the paranoid Anderson that he made a horrible mistake about the alien's motives, allying himself with a creature bent on world domination. When they discover Tom's wife took a rifle to the alien's cave to kill it, they hurriedly follow her. The monster kills Mrs. Anderson before the two doctors can rescue her. Finally seeing the loss of everything he holds dear, Dr. Anderson kills the monster, himself dying in the process.

You can downlaod this paper craft from here: It Conquered the World - Venusian Alien Free Papercraft Download