Invader Zim - GIR Free Paper Toy Download

Invader Zim - GIR Free Paper Toy Download


Invader Zim - GIR Free Paper Toy DownloadThis papercraft is the GIR, based on the anime "Invader Zim", and designed by StromL. GIR is a main character from the animated television series Invader Zim. He is the main robotic assistant of the show's main character Zim and the closest thing he has to a friend, constructed from scrap parts and given to Zim by the Almighty Tallest instead of a regular SIR (Standard-issue Information Retrieval) unit. GIR is voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons. He plays a main role in three episodes, Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain, Walk of Doom, and GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff, and plays minor or secondary roles in almost all other episodes.

Invader Zim is an American animated television series created by Jhonen Vasquez. It was produced by and subsequently aired on Nickelodeon. The series revolves around an extraterrestrial named Zim from the planet Irk, and his ongoing mission to conquer and destroy Earth. His various attempts to subjugate and destroy the human race are invariably undermined by some combination of his own ineptitude, his malfunctioning robot servant GIR, and his arch-nemesis Dib, one of very few humans attentive enough to be aware of Zim's identity.

You can download this Invader Zim paper toy from here: Invader Zim - GIR Free Paper Toy Download