Idolmaster - Takane Shijou free papercraft download


Idolmaster - Takane Shijou free papercraft downloadThis idolmaster papercraft is designed by S.V.. The Takane Shijou is a member of 'Project Fairy', and appears in the PSP games as a rival. Takane has long, white, wavy hair, and fringe cut bangs which she accessorizes with a hairband. She is usually seen in elegant outfits, and has a snobby, stuck up attitude due to her wealthy upbringing. Her mother is deceased, so she lives with her strict Butler due to her father's frequent business trips. Her father owns a large company - like Iori's father - which causes tension to spark between the two. Takane has an amazing passion for music. She is considered one of the smarter characters in the series, and is fluent in numerous languages, one of which being German. Furthermore, it is implied in the anime that her native country is not Japan. You can download this papercraft from here: Idolmaster - Takane Shijou free papercraft download