Hwaseong Fortress Papercraft - Janganmun

Hwaseong Fortress Papercraft - Janganmun


Hwaseong Fortress PapercraftHwaseong Fortress is one of South Korea's unique architecture that was built using the best of eastern and western methods, combining mud and stone fortifications.

Hwaseong fortress was built in the 18th century during the Joseon Dynasty, it was designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site (1997) because of its high technical distinction as an early modern military structure.

The fortress has 4 gates: Janganmun (north), Changnyongmun (east),Paldalmun (south), and Hwaseomun (west). This Hwaseong fortress papercraft model only covers the Janganmun (aka Bukmun) or north gate, it is the largest gate in South Korea.

Hwaseong Fortress Papercraft

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