Horse Racing Papercrafts

Horse Racing Papercrafts


Considered to be one of the oldest equestrian sports in the world, horse racing is a sport that pits horses within a certain group to find out the quickest one. It's popularly called The Sport of Kings and is often associated with high stakes gambling. Just how popular is it? there's horse racing on every continent except for Antactica - for obvious reasons.

Today's modern horse racing involves extremely rich owners handing their prized horses to a trainer that looks after it, making sure that the horse is healthy and in great condition at all times. Then there's the highly skilled riders called jockeys, short in stature and light as a feather, they are able to get the horses to run even quicker.

We got horse racing papercrafts today from a Japanese site dedicated to the sport and is aptly named Paper Horse Park. The site has two sections, one for the regular paper models based on Japan's prominent race horses and the other, pictured above, is of the cute and mini variety. Gallop away.

Horse Racing Papercrafts [Paper Horse Park]

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