Honda Papercraft Cars - Honda Toy Town

Honda Papercraft Cars - Honda Toy Town


The last one of the Japanese big 3 automakers is here. After going through the impressive lineup of Nissan papercrafts and Toyota's lonely four, we now have the official Honda papercrafts. Honda is the most popular among the three (at least for me) when it comes to car design, but when I took a look at their site I had a dismal view of their papercraft section. The designer of the Honda papercrafts was Mizorogi Akira, yes he's the same person that designed the Mitsubishi papercrafts and what a world of difference, just by lookin at the picture you can clearly tell that he prefers one over the other (just kidding). I guess these Honda paper cars are geared towards children, very young children. I tried to dig through Honda's site but I couldn't find anything else. It's better than nothing right? so here it is, the cute, the cartoony, the funny looking Honda papercraft cars. Enjoy.

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