"Hinomoto Oniko" Demon Child Papercraft

"Hinomoto Oniko" Demon Child Papercraft


Hinomoto Oniko Demon Child Papercraft
From the trouble brewing between Japan and China (Senkaku Islands dispute/fishing trawler incident) a moe character is born from the depths of 2channel and is now an internet meme.

the users of the well-known Japanese forum 2ch, which also attracts visitors from China, have recently decided to turn the term “Japanese devil” — the favorite anti-Japanese insult of the Chinese — into a cute moe character drawn in manga style - read more about it from Daily Onigiri

This papercraft is Cafetera's version/interpretation of "Hinomoto Oniko", the word "oni" refers to a demon/devil while "ko" means child.

"Hinomoto Oniko" Demon Child Papercraft [Download]

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