Hibi Paper Toys Series 1 and 2 download

Hibi Paper Toys Series 1 and 2 download


I recieved this through e-mail today from one of our anon readers - the Hibi Series of paper toys from Dutch paper designer Heinze Havinga. He has added bodies to some of the popular box shaped papercrafts that have been posted on the net such as Portal's Weighted Companion Cube and the Mario Bros.' Question Mark box.

hibi series 2: Iconic cubes of gaming

Made this series to celebrate the great outcome of my exams at school, during which i made the first series.

This time i chose a theme which is the iconic cubes of gaming. Because these 3 objects instantly ignite an emotional recognition with the people who played these games.
The 3 cubes are the question box from mario, the companion cube from portal and sascha nein mind from psychonauts.

Edit: I put them in a .rar file. which can be found below link.

Also check out series one which has a white DIY one

There are other video game related paper toys for you to choose from, including a blank template to put your own designs.

Hibi Paper Toys Series 1

Hibi Paper Toys Series 2