Hellraiser - Lament Configuration (Lemarchand's Box) Free Papercraft Download


Hellraiser - Lament Configuration (Lemarchand's Box) Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is (), a fictional lock puzzle or puzzle box appearing in horror stories by Clive Barker, or in works based on his original stories, from British horror franchise , the paper model is created by Destro2k. There is another Lemarchand's Box paper model on the site: Lemarchand’s Box Lament Configuration Papercraft Ver.1.

The best known of these boxes is the Lament Configuration, which features prominently throughout the Hellraiser movie series. This was designed and made by Simon Sayce, one of the original creative team. A Le' Marchant box is a mystical/mechanical device that acts as a door - or a key to a door - to another dimension or plane of existence. The solution of the puzzle creates a bridge through which beings may travel in either direction across this "Schism". The inhabitants of these other realms may seem demonic to humans. An ongoing debate in the film series is whether the realm accessed by the Lament Configuration is intended to be the Christian version of Hell, or simply a generic dimension of endless pain and suffering. [Source: wikia]

Hellraiser - Lament Configuration Lemarchand Box Papercraft 2You can download this papercraft template here: Hellraiser - Lament Configuration (Lemarchand's Box) Free Papercraft Download