Heavy Metal L.Gaim Papercraft

Heavy Metal L.Gaim Papercraft


Heavy Metal SD L.Gaim PapercraftHere's a new mecha paper model from Shirokuma, it's an SD L.Gaim papercraft, based on the 80s anime tv series Heavy Metal L.Gaim by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

The mechas in the series are refered to as "Heavy Metal", they were created by master mecha deisgner Mamoru Nagano, who also created the "Mortarheads" of Five Star Stories. L.Gaim is the name of the main mecha in the series, hence the title.

Heavy Metal L.Gaim Papercraft
This SD L.Gaim papercraft includes a saber/hand launcher, power launcher (thing on his back), and a shield. Follow the link below and make sure to click on both files (link takes you to the designer's Windows Live Folder), the one on top is the pattern and the one below is for instructions.

SD Heavy Metal L.Gaim Papercraft

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