Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Gray Ringmarc Free Paper Toy...

Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Gray Ringmarc Free Paper Toy Download


Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Gray Ringmarc Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi Gray Ringmarc, Nightmare's subordinate in the Tower of Clover, based on the Japanese visual novel Heart no Kuni no Alice, the papercraft is created by Larry-San.

Gray Ringmarc used to be an assassin and once wanted to assasinate Nightmare but decided against it after seeing how pitiful Nightmare was. He is a very skilled fighter so Ace frequently tries to "train" with him. He is a terrible cook and has no talent in the visual arts, but he seems to enjoy trying both anyway, although on failing he will get depressed, especially if others comment on how bad something turned out.

Gray is very mature, particularly in comparison to so many other of the role players of Wonderland, which earns him respect from most everyone around. He is described as kind, and has a love for cute animals; he has rescued everything from cats to flying squirrels to a baby seal. Despite this, as a former assassin, Gray can be cruel if it comes to protecting someone, but does not like this side of himself seen, and will do whatever it takes to hide it. He smokes on occasion, mostly when stressed, and has never been able to break the habit because it is a kind of stress relief for him and he suffers from a lot of stress.

In the Country of Diamonds, Gray is an assassin, and he is a lot less mature and friendly than the Gray Alice knows so well. He is harsh and up front about what he thinks, as well as more cautious; he does not show Nightmare respect but views the other as a selfish, spoiled child. Deep down, however, he is the same Gray Ringmarc who loves cute things and cannot cook and is good at caring for people.

Gray has dark blue hair and golden colored eyes. There is a small black lizard tattoo on the left side of his neck that can come alive and he is usually seen wearing a dark gray suit and jacket combination. There are golden accents on the outfit with his buttons and links as well as on the strap across his chest. The strap itself is brown and also has blue circle patterns along its length. His slacks are black as well as his shoes and the sheathes for his daggers resting on his forearms are brown. The outfit was of Nightmare's choosing and took time for Gray to get adjusted to. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft toy here: Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Gray Ringmarc Free Paper Toy Download [Instruction]