Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Blood Dupre Free Paper Toy...

Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Blood Dupre Free Paper Toy Download


Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Blood Dupre Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi Blood Dupre, the boss of the mafia in the Japanese visual novel Heart no Kuni no Alice, the papercraft is created by Larry-San.

Blood Dupre has the same appearance as Alice's ex-boyfriend, which causes Alice to be more self-concious than usual around him during the early stages of their friendship. In time Blood's unique personality leaves an impression strong enough on her mind that she starts seeing past that fact.

As the boss of the Mafia in Wonderland, Blood is naturally a dangerous person. He is a lethargic and temperamental yet intelligent man who hates being bored and loves tea. He's a nocturnal person, due to his job and the Sun which he considers poisonous. Because of this, he only sleeps when he has free time during the day and is often described as being languid. His hate for boredom seems to dictate some of his actions and his opinion towards Alice. He tends act lazy in front of Alice despite being proficient in his work and a busy man.

Blood is shown to have more knowledge about Wonderland and its rules than the other roleholders. If Alice chooses to stay in the Clock Tower, it is shown that he knew Alice's name before she introduced herself. He is also able to read Alice very easily.

His mood changes very easily and is shown to get jealous easily. These aspects of his personality were extremely exaggerated in the manga adaptation of the first game. When he falls in love with Alice, he is possesive with her and overprotective. He is also kind and caring towards her, though he doesn't show it explicitly. In the ending of his non-stay route in Heart/Anniversary he even goes as far as placing her under house arrest, which later turns out he did because of the risk of assassination Alice was under that he did not want her to know about.

One of Blood's weaknesses is carrots. When he's in a situation involving Elliot and carrot-flavoured food, he will do anything to avoid eating it, even to the point of running away unabashedly. He also becomes uneasy when Elliot is complementing him and is full of praise for him.

In Diamond, Blood is younger and therefore easier to read. He shows emotions more readily and a wider variety of emotions, and he is even crueler, but he is still as languid and easily bored as ever. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft toy here: Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Blood Dupre Free Paper Toy Download [Instruction]