Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Ace Free Paper Toy Download

Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Ace Free Paper Toy Download


Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi Ace Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi Ace, the Knight of Hearts and Vivaldi's subordinate, based on the Japanese visual novel Heart no Kuni no Alice, the papercraft is created by Larry-San.

Ace is usually seen wandering outside the castle due to his bad sense of direction. He is also one of Julius Monrey's few friends. Ace is a warden in Joker's Prison Realm, although he dislikes this job and says that it gets in the way of the work that he does for Julius.

While Ace has a "bright and fresh personality," his darker side is revealed when the land moves to Clover and Julius is not present. Ace can be kind a warm one moment and then, without losing his smile, try to kill a person the next moment. He will even seriously threaten Alice/the heroine when he cares about her. Because of this he is decribed as a yandere. He is more insightful than he looks, and he enjoys twisting other people's words, particularly Peter's and Alice's. Despite how often he insults Peter and Vivaldi, he never loses his polite tone and manner of speech, always remaining respectful even when what he says is rude. Ace enjoys fighting and likes to provoke other people to fight him, especially Peter and Gray; he always calls this "training." even when fighting the bloody twins he also calls it training.

Ace has tousled, light brown hair and red colored eyes and can almost always be seen sporting some kind of smile. His attire consists of a red trenchcoat, black shirt and black boots with gray accents along the coat and for his gloves. Buckles also adorn his arms and legs while his sword hilt and buttons are gold.

On the occasions of meetings, he can also be seen sporting a red tie and white shirt instead of the black one.

While working for Julius, he wears a a light beige cloak that is usually stained with blood and a small mask that covers his eyes. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft toy here: Heart no Kuni no Alice - Chibi White Joker Free Paper Toy Download [Instruction]