Haunted Paper Model - PsychoScareapy Free Download


Haunted Paper Model - PsychoScareapy Free DownloadThis Haunted House is designed by Ray Keim. Pscyhoscareapy was one of the houses that took place at Halloween Horror Nights: 13 It was about psychos taking over Shadybrook Asylum. The maze started with a mad receptionist make mad wisecracking jokes. Then moving on into Intensive Treatment psychos popped out of padded doors. One psycho was found in the security montoring room screaming "THE PARTY SWITCH IS IN THE ON POSITION!" After that guests moved into the kitchen where a psycho was seen wielding a cleaver slicing up a security.

Guests made their way into the boiler roomin which the furnace appeared as if it were about to explode. Hanging bodies were seen in this room, and dusty portraits. One of the portraits were fake as an actor tried to grab guests through the portrait. The finale scene was the main lobby, in which psychos attempted to grab guests from all sides.

You can download this Haunted Paper Model from here: Haunted Paper Model - PsychoScareapy Free Download

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