Hamburg Steak Papercraft Set

Hamburg Steak Papercraft Set


Hamburg Steak Papercraft Some yummy food papercraft from Niku-Mansei, this is the Hamburg Steak, a popular dish in the Japanese fast food scene.

The Hamburg Steak (aka Hamburger Steak, aka Salisbury Steak) is a variation of the hamburger, it is served without the buns, topped with brown gravy, and often comes with veggies - I'm not really a big fan of burgers without buns ^^

This Hamburg Steak papercraft set includes taters, corn, beans, batter-fried shrimp, hamburg steak - served on a sizzling plate, that comes with a fork, knife, fish spatula, and a complimentary chef's hat. Chow!

Chef Hat Papercraft

Hamburg Steak Papercraft Set

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