Halo - Full Size M6D Pistol Free Paper Model Download

Halo - Full Size M6D Pistol Free Paper Model Download


Halo - Full Size M6D Pistol Free Paper Model DownloadThis papercraft is a full size M6D Pistol (The GUN or the Jesus Gun), in fact the second incarnation of Jesus Christ, from the video game series, the paper model was created by RocketmanTan.

An incredibly effective weapon, it is RAPE-capable, scoped, extremely damaging to the AIDS, Marines, the Covenant and everything else it comes into contact with. Including those tough stains that not even that sillit BANG stuff can kill. God also used the M6D to escape the AID prison. This weapon also has the uncanny ability to instantly rape anything in the center of the screen when the trigger is pulled.

The Forerunners shouldn't have even bothered with their giant Hula-hoops. They should have just used the Jesus Gun to kill AIDS. WARNING: A Grunt with Gruntiness and an M6D is unstoppable; the best course of action is to run away before the planet explodes.

This gun had a child, the M6C Magnum, but for some strange reason this gun sucks and the M6D disowned it as a result, then turned around and owned it in a gun-to-gun fight. Then the M6C went at it with the M6D and as a result the M6G was created, which had no scope, a lower fire rate and a 1/3 smaller magazine. NOT the jesus gun!

The M6D went in to retierment after Halo CE, but something that should NEVER EVER HAPPEN happened. Someone TOOK HIS PIE. He got so mad, he came back but with an upgrade. He got a silencer and a scope, and now he kills by the shear terror of pepole not knowing where he is. He changed his name to M6S. Of course, this was just the M6C trying to be as cool as the M6D. It failed though, becuase the M6S couldn't take out Banshees.

It is said that when MC pulls out the M6D, the testicle chins grow a new testicle chin, so that they are armoured against the M6D. Of course, the M6D just rips through the chinny chin chin, and also destroys the room. It is said that the UNSCunts decided to leave it alone because it had a British accent and loved tea and crumpets. Of course, British people are quite the opposite. But the UNSCrap didn't know that.

You can download the papercraft model here: Halo - Full Size M6D Pistol Free Paper Model Download