Halo - Arbiter Free Papercraft Download

Halo - Arbiter Free Papercraft Download


Halo - Arbiter Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Arbiter, a fictional ceremonial, religious, and political rank bestowed upon alien Covenant Elites in the science fiction video game  series, the paper model was created by stange1337 (Original texture and model belongs to Bungie).

The title of Arbiter was the highest possible honor bestowed upon a Covenant Sangheili by the Hierarchs during a time of need. It is the greatest religious rank in of the Sangheili, although the Councilor is more superior in political and military rank. The Arbiter acts as a sort of field general, going on missions for the Prophets and during incidents such as the Taming of the Hunters, The Grunt Rebellion, the Human-Covenant war, and most recently, the threat of the Heretics.

The Arbiter is sent on the most perilous and suicidal missions in times of when he is needed. On those missions, the Arbiter is expected to die and become another great martyr of the Covenant on their path to the Great Journey.

Details of the paper model:
Size: 35 cm tall
Pieces: 317
Pages: 26

You can download the papercraft model template here: Halo - Arbiter Free Papercraft Download