Halloween Papercraft 2 - Canon Japan

Halloween Papercraft 2 - Canon Japan


If weather forecasts are giving your area a grim outlook for the 31st, sometimes it's better for families and friends to opt for a Halloween party instead of spending a night of Trick or Treating. For instance, here in my neighborhood we're having a block party, kids get to have their party early on in the evening which includes eating enormous amounts of candy(tummy ache included), party games, costume contest, etc. and us adults have our own party later on, much, much later (this would probably include adult costumes, enormous amounts of alcohol, and grossing ourselves out with the movie hostel). Whether your having a party in your office or at home here are some very nice Halloween masks and Halloween decorations that will surely get your party buzzing . Simply print and your good to go.

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Halloween Masks (clockwise): Frankenstein, Pumpkinhead, Ghosts, Dracula, and Witch

Halloween Banners


Halloween Card