Gurren Lagann - Yoko Littner Paper Model

Gurren Lagann - Yoko Littner Paper Model


Gurren Lagann - Yoko Littner Paper Model

This papercraft is the Yoko Littner, based on the anime series Gurren Lagann (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann). There is another version of the Yoko Littner paper craft here: Gurren Lagann – Yoko Littner 2nd Version Papercraft. Yoko Littner is the female protagonist of the series. She is a girl from Jeeha's neighboring village of Littner who had been chasing the Gunmen that crashed into Jeeha Village during the events of Episode 1. She wields an extensive range of firearms, most frequently of which is a long range sniper rifle modeled after the Barrett M82. Although she is 14, the same age as Simon, she is very mature for her age and she is one of the most rational members of the group. Despite always badmouthing Kamina for his reckless behavior, it did not take long for her to confess her feelings to him. She was also Simon's love interest until he discovered that she was in love with Kamina.

Despite being Simon's age, Yoko is shown to be very mature and quite knowledgeable. Instead of being impulsive like Kamina, Yoko prefers to think things through before charging head-first into a battle. Because of this conflict, she would constantly get into fights with him. Yoko is shown to be a very protective person, especially towards Simon, Kamina and the children of the team . One of the best examples was when she told Kamina that she would defend his back as she said "Your your one big blind spot". Yoko is also very vocal when it comes to situations, often being the voice of reason for Simon and Kamina. Like Simon, she becomes depressed after Kamina dies, as she is shown crying about it in a shower despite telling Dayyaka she was fine. In part two, Yoko remains generally the same, but with a new look on violence. Having seen friends die, Yoko believes that violence, mostly senseless, is terrible and is against the harming of children.

Yoko is a hot, tall girl. She has red hair that extends down to her lower back. The most noticeable traits however, are her breasts and butt, that add to her extremely curvy figure. Yoko commonly wears a flame red bra and black, leather spandex type bottoms and wears a skull accessory on her head, while wearing two small needles for hairpins.

In part 2, Yoko appears very much the same, though physically older. At first, she wears the same outfit and a long cloak like jacket but when heading off to save Nia, changes into a yellow and black bra with stars instead of flames that goes from the sides rather than up and down. She also wears a white/silver jacket and similar pants.

Gurren Lagann, known in Japan as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, is a Japanese mecha anime television series animated by Gainax and co-produced by Aniplex and Konami. It ran for twenty-seven episodes on Japan's TV Tokyo between April 1, 2007 and September 30, 2007. It was directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, written by veteran playwright Kazuki Nakashima and had been in development since the participation of the famed animator in the Abenobashi mecha themed episodes by the same studio. The anime won several awards at the Tokyo International Anime Fair and the Animation Kobe and Japan Media Arts Festivals.

Licensing for a North American release of Gurren Lagann was announced by ADV Films at Anime Expo 2007 on June 30, 2007; however, after an unexplained removal from ADV's catalog, Bandai Entertainment announced it held the license at New York Comic Con 2008. It was also announced for a UK release by ADV Films at AmeCon 2007, however at AmeCon 2008 Beez Entertainment announced that they had the UK distribution rights instead. It was also announced by ADV Films Germany for a summer 2008 release. The Sci Fi Channel acquired the broadcasting rights of Gurren Lagann, and began airing the anime on July 28, 2008 as part of Sci Fi's Ani-Monday anime block.

A manga adaptation started serialization in MediaWorks' Dengeki Comic Gao! on April 27, 2007, but switched over to ASCII Media Works' manga magazine Dengeki Daioh on April 21, 2008 due to the former being discontinued on February 27, 2008. Bandai Entertainment licensed the manga and released it in English in North America. A series of light novels have also been created and are published by Shogakukan. A video game based on the series, for the Nintendo DS, was released in October 2007, bundled with a special episode of the anime series. Two animated film versions were produced. The first premiered in Japanese theaters on September 6, 2008, and the second premiered on April 25, 2009.

You can download this paper model here: Gurren Lagann - Yoko Littner Paper Model

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