Gurren Lagann Free Mecha Paper Model Download

Gurren Lagann Free Mecha Paper Model Download


Gurren Lagann Free Mecha Paper Model DownloadThis mecha paper model is the Gurren Lagann, based on the same named anime TV series (known in Japan as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), the papercraft is created by Krauzer. The Gurren Lagann, the titular mecha of the series, is piloted jointly by two pilots for most of the story, with the Lagann portion always operated by the series' main protagonist Simon and the Gurren piloted by Kamina initially and then various other characters after his death.

The mech was originally formed as a hotblooded response from Kamina to the Enki's initial two-headed configuration. Later in the series, the land-bound Gurren Lagann merges with another unnamed enemy Gunmen and gains a permanent set of wings. After the Battle of Teppelin, the Gurren Lagann is seen as a symbol of humanity's triumph, and later, after the Anti-Spiral's defeat, it is preserved as one of the last true Gunmen and the personal machine of Gimmy and Darry.

Its powers and fighting capabilities are almost entirely based on its ability to generate drills of greatly varying size, shape and usage from multiple points on its body. Over the course of the series, Gurren Lagann produced dozens of different uses for its drills, ranging from projectiles and missiles to shields, water screws, and various melee applications. The most powerful attack seen used by Gurren Lagann is the Giga Drill Break, where the pilot forms a huge amount of spiral energy into an enormous drill bigger than the mech itself. This special trait, and its status as a fused machine, makes it one of the most powerful entities of its size seen in the series.

Its additional abilities shown in the series include a durable energy shield, which can deflect energy blasts even at short range, the ability to wield the sunglasses on the Gurren's chest as a melee weapon, and a short-term regenerative function which restore accumulated damage for the duration of the Gurren and the Lagann's union.

You can download this mecha / robot paper model template here: Gurren Lagann Free Mecha Paper Model Download