Gundam Papercraft - MSM 03C Hy-Gogg Free Download

Gundam Papercraft - MSM 03C Hy-Gogg Free Download


Gundam Papercraft - MSM 03C Hy-Gogg Free DownloadThis gundam paper model is the MSM 03C Hy-Gogg. This gundam papercraft is designed by 333bankin. The MSM-03C Hygogg is a mass produced amphibious mobile suit from the Universal Century time-line.

The MSM-03C, or "Hygogg", was a development of the MSM-03 Gogg. Although the early Gogg was one of the first true amphibious mobile suits, it was handicapped by several problems which included being under-powered, limited armament and poor performance on land. Zimmad started looking at ways to address the early Gogg's shortcomings. This resulted in the MSM-03C model, first introduced shortly after Operation Odessa. This new machine introduced a number of structural changes in order to accommodate a more powerful generator. Its streamlined shape allowed for greater mobility both on land and in water and used large twin hydrojet thrusters for water propulsion.

As it used a redesigned frame, the Hy-Gogg was significantly lighter than its predecessor, however, increasing its performance in mobile suit combat while maintaining proper balance that surpassed its counterpart, the MSM-07E Z'Gok-E. Additionally, production costs were reduced due to the implementation of standardized parts, including the cockpit, derived from the United Maintenance Plan, and advantageous for servicing. While the Hy-Gogg was armed with a pair of machine cannons and torpedo launchers for a variety of combat roles, its primary weapons were mega particle cannons incorporated into the Hygogg's hands, allowing for a wide area of attack. The Hygogg could be equipped with an optional "hand missile unit" on each arm unit, which featured panels designed to blow-away when the missiles are launched.

You can download this gundam paper model from here: Gundam Papercraft - MSM 03C Hy-Gogg Free Download